The Radar in conjunction with an Advanced Computer allows a player to scan an area up to a radius of 9999 blocks for WarpDrive Ship Cores.

It uses accepts EU or RF power on any side. It does not keep its power stored when broken.

Radar SetupEdit

Required components for a WarpDrive radar are:

  • WarpDrive Radar
  • ComputerCraft Advanced Computer or equivalent

Start by placing the Radar and place an Advanced computer on any side of it. You must power the Radar for it to work. If you are on a World War Minecraft server the codes should be downloaded already (if so jump to the bullet points), if not then to run the program, type: 'pastebin get FAexu8FH start', then, run start by typing 'start'.

  • Name your radar and you will be in its program. Press the key given for the radar at the bottom (1).
  • Type 'ls' to see the files in your current directory. You should see ping and scan
  • Scan
    • Simply type 'scan' and you will be greeted with a nice GUI that shows the radar location, power, radius of scan, and any other ships within the distance of your radar scan.
  • Ping
    • Type 'ping' followed by an integer between 0 and 10,000 and the radar will return with either: you don't have enough power, the coordinates of any contacts found, or a message telling you no contacts were found.
  • Editing
    • Although neither program can be edited directly you can create a copy of the program by typing 'cp ping yourProgramName' and editing your program with 'edit yourProgramName'
    • This will allow you to do things like set scan radius, run ping continuously, or log any contacts found into a file.
    • When your are done editing your version of ping or scan, run your program as you would the original.
    • If you want your radar to automatically run after a server restart or the chunk being loaded create a file called startup by typing 'edit startup' and inside put '"program")'. Program is the name of the program you would like to run (e.g. ping, scan, yourProgramName). This will make it so that program is run whenever the Advanced Computer starts up.

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