Reactor Stabilization Lasers, when boosted by particles sent from Laser Mediums, can shoot particle lasers into a Reactor Core, raising its stability. Shooting Stabilization Lasers into the core too quickly can overload the Reactor Core with particles, reducing stability and causing small, harmless explosions.

Four Reactor Stabilization Lasers can properly keep an Enantiomorphic Reactor Core stable. A reactor setup can use less than four lasers, but this is not recommended.

This block is part of a multi-block structure to create an Enantiomorphic Reactor in the WarpDrive mod with an Enantiomorphic Reactor Core, Laser Medium (Particle Booster)s, an Advanced Computer, and wired modems/networking cables. See the main mod page or the page for the Enantiomorphic Reactor Core for setup details.

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