The Too Many Spiders mod is a WIP mod by Player1minecraft. It adds more spiders into your game, some are hostile and some are passive.


Friendly SpiderEdit

it is a passive mob that is tamable with a bone. It will folow you when right clicked and sit when right clicked again. It will also attack mobs if you attack them or if they attach you. It has a spawnegg.

Demon SpiderEdit

A Demon Spider is a hostile mob that spawns at night. It attacks by shooting fireballs which don't explode. it is completly black with red eyes. It has a spawnegg.

Pig SpiderEdit

A Pig Spider is a spider form of a pig. It is a passive mob which spawns anywhere. It is ridable and breedable. to breed it you use a carrot and to ride it you put a saddle on it and use a carrot on a stick to control it. It has a spawnegg.

Ender SpiderEdit

It is a hostile mob which acts just like a enderman except is only one block high.It has a spawnegg.

Creeper SpiderEdit

A creeper spider is a hostile mob which spawns at night. It attacks you by blowing up. It looks like a spider with a creeper face. It has a spawnegg.

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