The wither dimension is an upcoming mod made by Tommyzilla and ndh175.

More will be added later. The portal requires going to the nether and killing the wither.

S=soul sand e=enchanted wither head


s E s


Enchnated wither head is an uncommon not rare drop from the wither.

The dimension is made of withered versions of grass, stone, cobblestone, dirt, wood, leaves, sand, and has a grey sky. Gravel, water, and lava do exist in the dimension too but are not withered. Also wither wood canbe crafted into withered planks.

Other new blocks: key blocks read dungeons for info. Neon blocks amd psi blocks see dungeons for info.

Updates for old mobs:

Wither skeleonn:

Spawns in the new dimension. Drops withered stone swords as a rare drop, drops witherbones instead of bones and coal.


Drops witherbones, spawns as often as enderman in the dimension, still drops the nether star, drops wither heads, or enchanted wither head.

The enchanted wither head could be crafted by putting a nether start next to a wither head in the crafting table or handcrafting slot.

New mobs:

Cryptic spirit: spawns with diamond or gold armor and either sword. Spawns as often as zombies, drops withered flesh or its armor on rare occasions, may hold a staff but not obtainable by drops. Health: 20.

Looks like a black zombie (with armor unless with a spawn egg).

More will be added later.


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