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Sync is a mod by Ichun. It adds in a couple new stuff that allow the creation of clones and semi teleporting.
Sync Tutorial - The Basics06:56

Sync Tutorial - The Basics


  • Sync Core: Needed for most of the crafting recipes


  • Shell Constructor: Needed to construct a shell, brainless clone, to store your mind when being transfered from one place to another. You need a treadmill for this to work. Once powered will slowly construct you shell
  • Shell Storage: Needed to perform any mind transfering processes, needs redstone to power. Step inside and a radial eter will show up with a list of known shells, select the shell, like you would if you were breaking blocks, and then watch your mind be transfered from one body to another.
  • Treadmill: You need this for the constructor to work. When putting a pig or wolf on the treadmill will produce piggawatts for the constructor.


  • This mod allows players on hardcore mode to continue playing when they die, provided they still have a clone.
  • This was created for Modjam
  • This mod is loosely based off the Sync Webseries by CorridorDigital on YouTube.
  • Despite being based off Sync, the mod idea came from Character Switching in GTA V.

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