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Superheroes Unlimited is a mod that was created by Tihyo. It adds some more interesting things to the game, superheroes, via through packs. You can dress up as your favorite heroes from the DC Universe and even the Marvel Universe. The Mod not only lets you wear any superhero suit, but also adds a few new blocks to the game to craft the suits.


  • Superheroes Unlimited(Formally)
  • Superman Mod


  • Kryptonite Ore(Superman Mod)
  • Ruby Ore(Superman Mod)
  • Sapphire Ore (Superman Mod)

Weapons and ToolsEdit

  • Kryptonite Toolset(sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, and hoe, Superman Mod)


  • Heat Vision(Superman Mod)


  • Artic Biome(Superman Mod)


  • Fortress of Solitude(Mini, Superman Mod)


DC Comics ModsEdit

  • Superman(Superman Mod)
  • Man of Steel(Superman Mod)
    • Super Suits(before modpacks)1
    • Super Suits(before modpacks)2
    • Superman Mod


  • Doomsday(Boss, Superman Mod)


  • He plans on putting two new dimensions into the game Asgard and Mars.
  • As of the modpacks change, new features appeared, like structure generation and new biomes.
  • He will add Martian Manhunter's Shapeshifting and he might add Ant Man's shrinking ability to the respective Heroes Mods.
  • He is constantly updating the mod with new suits and blocks.
  • He ask others what heroes should be in the Mod.
  • All new heroes and old heroes will come out eventually as Packs, stay tuned. Some Modpacks include Ant Man, Black Panther, Shazam, Hawkgirl, Wasp, Damian Wayne, Hulk, Thor, Flash, Cyborg, Red Hood, Wonder Woman, and all characters that appeared in the Mod before the packs happened, but upcoming Modpacks are:
    • 1.5: Batman Mod
    • 1.6: Iron Man Mod
    • N/A: Martian Manhunter Mod
  • To see the crafting recipes and whats new in the Mod check these sites. The main website will be redone for easier navigation:
  • Tihyo is also the creator/co-creator of these mods:
    • Godzilla(W.I.P)
    • Supervillians Unlimited(Coming Soon)
    • Star Wars(Coming Soon)
    • Predator Mod(Coming Soon)
    • Frankenstein(Co-Creator)


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