Stargate Tech 2, formally Stargate Tech, is a mod by LordFokas. It, like Greg's SG Craft and LanteaCraft, adds Stargates into Minecraft but also other Stargate related things to the game.


Naquadah Ore Edit

  • Particle Ionizer
  • Shield Emitter
  • Transport Ring
  • Naquadah Capacitor
  • Lantean Wall


  • Naquadah Rail
  • Personal Shield
  • Tablet PC
  • Power Crystals(Tiers 1, 2, and 3)
  • Naquadah Ingot
  • Naquadah Dust
  • Naquadah Bar
  • Naquadah Plate
  • Semiconductor Lattice
  • Circuit Crystal


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