Soul Shards 2 Mod Spotlight04:58

Soul Shards 2 Mod Spotlight

Soul Shards 2Edit

Simple yet very useful mod to allow you create mob spawners for xp and blood magic farming


Image Name Ability
Crystalized Soul Essence Used for crafting. Must destroy a mob spawner to aquire.
Shadow Blade Kill a mob with this blade while having a crystalized soul essence in your inventory and it will create a soul shard attuned to that mob type.
Soul Shard Once attuned to a given mob type, kill mobs of this type with the shard in your inventory and it will fill with souls.
Soul Cage Add an attuned soul shard with souls captured and it will spawn this mob until all souls are released. Giving a redstone signal disables.
Soul Binding Shard put over items in your inventory that you want to keep when you die.

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