The Sorcerer's Items is one of the Upcoming Mods created by UltraCyberNinja.



  • Sorcerer's Robes

Weapons and ToolsEdit

  • Sorcerer's Sword
  • Sorcerer's Pickaxe
  • Sorcerer's Axe
  • Sorcerer's Hoe


  • Sorcerer's Enchantment Table
  • Sorcerer's Crafting Table
  • Sorcerer's Ore (Really RARE!!!!)
  • Sorcerer's Block
  • Sorcerer's Furnace
  • Sorcerer's Chest
  • Sorcerer's Fusion Table
  • Sorcerer's Sacred Table

Other ThingsEdit

  • Sorcerer's Gem (Comes from the Sorcerer's Ore)
  • Sorcerer's Core


  • This Mod is currently in progress of coding.

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