The Secret Rooms Mod is a mod by AbrarSyed. It adds new blocks that can help you hide stuff from unsuspecting visitors.


Secret Rooms Tutorial - The Basics15:25

Secret Rooms Tutorial - The Basics

  • One Way Glass
  • Secret Chest
  • Secret Trapped Chest
  • Secret Stairs
  • Solid Air
  • Ghost Block
  • Camo Gate


  • Secret Light Detector
  • Secret Pressure Plate meet
  • Secret Player Plate
  • Secret Weighted Plate(Heavy and Light)
  • Secret Door
  • Secret Trapped Door
  • Secret Iron Door
  • Torch Lever
  • Secret Lever
  • Secret Redstone
  • Secret Stone Button
  • Secret Wood Button
  • Camouflage Paste

Download the mod: Edit


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