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OpenBlocks is a mod by Mikeemoo. It introduces a variety of ideas into Minecraft.


  • Jaded Ladder: This block turns a trapdoor into a ladder when open making it easier to exit a hole.
  • Light Block: Put it on the wall or something then right click and put a created map in the block and the map shows up on it.
  • Target: Apply a redstone signal to activate the item, makes a re stencils.
  • Hang Glider: Simply right-click and jump and now you are Hang Gliding.
  • Luggage: These will follow you around and try and find nearby items to pick up. Simply right click them to open them, like a chest.
  • Sleeping Bag: Simply right click and you will fall asleep. It will automatically fall off your back if day time.
  • Sonic Glasses: Will make your vision blurry but let's you detect the simplest sounds in the game.
  • Crane Backpack: The crane works hand to hand with the controller. Simply shift-right click to lower and right click to lift it back up. Once it's above a block or entity, left click to lift it up.
  • Slimalyzer: When you reach a slime chunk it will turn green and make a beep, that tells you have reached a slime chunk.


  • Block Breaker:(Removed for inappropriate language.)
  • Canvas: Used to paint pictures
  • Drawing Table: Used for drawing the stencils of your choice with paint.
  • Grave: When you die a grave takes up the place you have died at. It also has your Minecraft Name on it. When mined will drop all your items that you had when you died.


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