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Necromancy Tutorial - The Basics - Minecraft Mod09:17

Necromancy Tutorial - The Basics - Minecraft Mod

The Necromancy Mod is a mod by AtomicStryker. It formally belonged to Mr_Boness or sirolf2009. It has one purpose, allowing you to sew body parts together and create your own monster.


  • Bone Needles
  • Necronomicon
  • Blood Scythe
  • Sewing Machine
  • Skin
  • Organs(kill some mobs to aquire some)
  • Brain on a Stick(Used to control your creation)
  • Soul


  • Summoning Altar(Used to bring your creation to life)
  • scent burner

Instant StructuresEdit

  • Blood Chalices(Spawn in Nether, used as a source of blood!)


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