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The Mutant Zombie is the mutant version of a zombie which is part of the Mutant Creatures Mod. It has 10000 hearts,
3 attacks and 15 vision. However in creative there is a slight chance a mutant zombie can spawn with a enderman head.

Melee AttackEdit

If you get close to it, the mutant zombie slams the ground and hits everything in front of it. The mutant zombie's slam attack deals a range of up to 3.5 plus ground shatter.

Roar summoned Edit

When the mutant zombie roars, the impact deals half hearts any entity nearby. This also resurrects zombie minions from the earth to help the mutant zombie. Up to six zombies are spawned depending on the environment (spawns less in the day).And it will heal 237 hearts

Throw Attack Edit

The mutant zombie can also throw you up into the air and then slam you down. This is the mutant zombie's most damaging attack, dealing fall damage and attack damage.

The mutant zombie doesn't burn in daylight and heals one heart every five seconds at night. If you don't completely incinerate the mutant zombie's body seven seconds after it dies,it will come back to life. Of course, after three kills the mutant zombie dies without burning. After death, it drops a Hulk Hammer.

Is affected it its attack if it hit a wall. There's a glitch that when the mutant zombie is getting up it will turn invisible.

Trivia Edit

The Mutant Zombie resemblances Hulk. Both of them have similar abilities.

If you have taken down this giant beast, you can use lava or fire to incinerate it to kill it slowly, the Hulk Hammer drop is still dropped when it is incinerated, the incineration may be identified by the mutant disappearing, however,if it is not incinerated within 7 seconds, it will get up and fight again.

what it drops

it drops a hammer


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