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The mutant creeper is the mutant version of the creeper. It is part of the Mutant Creatures Mod. It has 80 hearts and 5 attacks.It is from Mars.


Gunpowder...Spice...And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect pet creatures. But Proferssor HippoMaster accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction... CHEMICAL X!!  WEE!!    'Thus the Mutant Creeper was born!

Direct AttackEdit

When using its direct attack, the mutant creeper swings its head at you, and hits you. Blocking with a sword will prevent you from being pushed back.It will kill you if your to close you will at least have to be 3 blocks away

Jump AttackEdit

Using its jump attack, the mutant creeper flies into the air, and lands by creating an explosion and damage everything near it.

Spawning MinionsEdit

If you make the mutant creeper angry, it'll throw a maximum of four little creeper minions directly at you that attack you at the same time by exploding.

Charge AttackEdit

You can take the chance of hitting it when it uses the charged attack. The mutant creeper will freeze and will flash five times, giving you the right amount of time to inflict some damage. Be quick, because if you don't break it out of the charge by the sixth flash, the mutant creeper will gain 15 hearts of health.

Lightning AttackEdit

Each time a mutant creeper charges, there's a one out of eight chance that it's actually waiting for you to get closer. And if you do, it'll summon a bolt of lightning down on itself, making it stronger.

It can also turn into a charged mutant when struck by lightning which creates bigger explosions and charged minions. If the player uses explosions against it, the mutant will get healed. After death, it does a large explosion and leaves behind a Creeper Egg.


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