Mutant Creatures 2.0 is a upcoming mod created by UltraCyberNinja. The mod itself will add more armor, weapons and more mutant mobs.

Mutant MobsEdit

  • Mutant Wither Skeleton
  • Mutant Wither
  • Mutant Zombie Pigman
  • Mutant Ender Dragon



  • Ore of the Mutants


  • Mutant Armor
  • Mutant Wither Skeleton Armor


  • Mutant Sword
  • Mutant Wither Skeleton Sword


  • Mutant Hoe
  • Mutant Pickaxe
  • Mutant Axe

Brewing ItemsEdit

  • Shadow Arc (Advanced Mutation Potion of the Chemical X Potion)


  • This Mod includes a Dimension known as the Dimension of the Mutants which has every Mutant Creature (Including from the Mutant Creatures Mod) in it.

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