BC4: Tech/Transport, Tech/Energy, Storage, Biomes, Fluids TE3: Tech/Transport, Tech/Energy, Tech/Processing, Storage, Mobs, Fluids, Ores IC2: Tech/Transport, Tech/Energy, Tech/Processing, Storage, Ores, Fluids, Tech/Farming, Misc Forestry: Worldgen/Ores, worldgenMisc, techFarming, techEnergy, Storage, Fluids, techGenetics Railcraft: Worldgen/Ores, worldgenMisc, techPlayer Transport, techEnergy, techProcessing MFR: worldgenMisc, techEnergy, techProcessing, storage, fluids, techGenetics, techFarming BTW: worldgenMisc, techProcessing, techMechanical, Hard TFC: Hard, worldgenOres, worldgenMisc, Biomes, techProcessing

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