The lucky block is a block that when you break it, it will give you either an amazing random gift

Things that can come out of a lucky blockEdit

Lots of valuables such as diamonds, emeralds, iron, and gold along with fireworks shooting up in the air.

2 ender chests

2-5 end portal frames.

A bunch of redstone related items.

You get potions with different effects.

Eggs come out from the lucky block spawning in baby chickens and you'll get 7-10 diamonds.

Spawns the wither.

Spawns a giant zombie.

Surrounds you with iron bars, spawns sign, says: Look Up. (and if you do so, lava or 2 anvils will fall on you, thus killing you.)

Bob, a zombie with enchanted diamond armor and an enchanted diamond sword, will spawn in and will try to kill you.

You'll get a fort made of sandstone, containing four gold blocks and four lucky blocks.



Rotten flesh.

Bedrock with a sign saying: Well, That's Your Problem.

A well appears which you throw something and either fall TNT or potatoes or some emeralds, diamonds, gold ingots and iron ingots.

Spawn Mr. Rainbow (a bunch of dyed sheeps).

A tower made of hardened clay which is different colors with a diamond block at the top along with lightning.

A diamond block falls from the sky along with lightning.

An iron or gold or emerald block falls down from the sky with particle effects.

Lots of TNT comes out and blows up.

You'll be stuck in a trap made of obsidian and glass with water in it drowning you.

Basic, super lucky or mineshaft dungeon chest.

8 TNT.

Some of raw and cooked meat.

Golden armor with gold horse armor.

8 hay bale.

1-2 saddle/s.

Some of heads (except dragon head).

Creeper with aura.

Some spawn eggs.

Some piece of lucky armor (enchanted diamond armor in version 1.6. and 1.11.2) but in version 1.7.1. is enchanted gold armor.

Lucky block book.

Give you wooden sword and spawn a lot of creepers or zombies or guardians or spiders or creepers,zombies and spiders.


16 pumpkin pies.

3-5 gold apples and 1-2 Enchanted gold apple/s.

4 picture.

Bottle o´enchanting fall from the sky and give you some levels.

12-16 gold ingots.

Some things to craft potions.

Some of music disks and jukebox.

14 obsidians.

Some dyed clay blocks.

8 droppers.

Some of diamonds tools.

Diamond sword.

Some piece of lucky tools (enchanted diamond tools in version 1.6. and 1.11.2) but in version 1.7.1. is enchanted gold tools.

Nether star.

Bow with 16-32 arrow.

Some quartz

Lava,water and milk buckets

Gold, diamond and iron horse armor.

Dragon egg.



Spawn ghast.

Lucky villager with super super trades.


Lucky fishing rod (enchanted fishing rod).

5 pigs standing on themselves and on the top is a villager.

It´s spawn hole with webs and lava.

Some chain armor.

Spawn very, very big slime.

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