Heromaker crafting

The heromaker is a furnace added into minecraft by the Superheroes Unlimited mod.  


The heromaker requires a furnace 4 blocks of redstone and 4 high-tech electronics placed in the crafting bench in the positions shown in the picture above.

Use Edit

The heromaker is used to smelt all of the new ores added by the Superheroes Unlimited mod except titanium. The heromaker has a similar menu as a funace and also a similar usage needing a fuel as well as a ore to smelt. There are 3 fuels you can use that all have different amounts of blocks smelted with its use. They are kryptonite which smelts 4 blocks, vibranium which smelts 8 blocks and a vibranium core which smelts 72 blocks.


  • The Heromaker was removed so you have to smelt all the ores in the Furnace.
  • The Heromaker might be permanently or temporarily removed since Tihyo's splitting of the Superheroes Unlimited mod into seperate Hero mods.