The Construction Mod is a mod by MrCrayfish that lets you generate instant structures and even allows you to add your own structures.


  • Construction Block: This block is needed to generate any structures in the mod, but in order for you to generate it you first need a blueprint. This block also list all the materials needed to build the structure
  • Planning Table: You can't really use the Construction block without a plan for the block to follow. The planning table allows you to writes or draws the design onto a blueprint but it needs a certain amount of ink to write the blueprint.


  • Blueprint: You need this ready for the construction table to generate any of the known structures.
  • Hammer: You also need this to help generate the structure. Once you got all the materials in the construct.
  • Hard Hat: An armour(helmet) piece that provides no protection. The hard hat only appears to those who have donated. The hard hat is not required for any reason except to look pretty.
  • Pencil: Used to add your own structures. Use the website on how to use.


Medieval Tower

Medieval Wall

Medieval House

Medieval Church

Medieval Farm

Vil Library

Vil House 1

Medieval Windmill


Vil House 2

Medieval Well

Medieval Blacksmith