Blue lucky block is a new version of lucky blocks.There is more drops than in the lucky blocks

It´s drop Edit

A well appears which you throw something and either spawn blazes or fall TNTs from sky or drop potatoes.


An gold or iron or emerald block falls down from the sky with particle effects.

10 endermans riding on the bats.

Gold, diamond and iron horse armor.

A diamond hoe named Paulyalk Hoe.

8 TNT.

Dragon egg.



Enchanted diamond pickaxe named TheLostPickaxe.

Surrounds you with iron bars, spawns sign, says: Look Up. (and if you do so, lava pour on you).

14 obsidians.

Bob, a zombie with enchanted diamond armor and an enchanted diamond sword, will spawn in and will try to kill you.

10 endermens named ENDERSLUT.

Spawn ghast with zombie on his head.

16 snowballs.

Lucky villager with super super trades.

Eggs come out from the lucky block spawning in baby chickens and you'll get 7-10 diamonds.

20 zombies with enchanted diamond armor and with enchanted diamond sword named BOBARMY.

Basic, super lucky or mineshaft dungeon chest.


Lucky fishing rod (enchanted fishing rod).

5 pigs standing on themselves and on the top is a villager.

8 droppers.

1 poisonous potato.

It´s spawn hole with webs and lava.

Spawns a giant zombie.

Lots of TNT comes out and blows up.

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