Apples+ is a mod that adds a ton of new apples into the game...

Heres the list!

pple Apple = Full Heal

Apple Arrow = Hurt Player

Apple Beacon = Jump Boost

Apple Bed = Changes time to day...

Apple Bedrock = Haste 15

Apple Blazerod =Fire Resistance

Apple Book = Nothing Yet...  

Apple Bone = Nothing Yet...

Apple Bread = Saturation

Apple Brick = Slowness 3 (Your full of bricks what do you think would happen)

Apple Cake = Full Heal + cake

Apple Carrot = Night Vision

Apple Chain = Protection 4

Apple Chicken = Poison(Don't eat raw chicken!)

Apple Clay = Dig Slowdown 2

Apple Coal = Blindness

Apple Cooked Fish = Saturation

Apple Cookie = Absorption(Because cookies are awesome)

Apple Diamond = Regeneration 12

Apple Eaten = Nothing(You just waste a gold apple on it)

Apple Emerald = Teleport somewhere...

Apple Ender Pearl = Teleport at your will for ever and ever or maby just 8 times...

Apple Experience = Free Exp(Overpowered much?!?! I think not...)

Apple Fermented Spider Eye = Nausea

Apple Feather = Jump Boost(Because redbull gives you wings)

Apple Fireball = Cast Magical Fire Balls upon you foes...

. Apple Fish = The Fish King grants his bounty upon thee...

Apple Flint = Weakness 3(A stomach full of razor sharp rock)

Apple Flowers = A apple flower...

Apple Ghast Tear = Regeneration 4

Apple Glowstone = Night Vision

Apple Gold Nugget = Super Health Regen (Be careful though, its only for 1 second)

Apple Gravel = Weakness 6(A stohmach full of many flint...)

Apple Gunpowder = Follow in the footsteps of you favorite exploding friends...

Apple Ice = Water Breathing 2

Apple Invisible = Invisibility

Apple Lapis Lazuli = Nothing Yet...

Apple Leather = Resistance 1

Apple Melon Slice = Saturation

Apple Melon Block = Saturation

Apple Milk = Nothing Yet...  

Apple Netherbrick = Weakness(You ate bricks you found in hell...)

Apple Netherrack = Fire

Apple Nether Star = Invulnerability

Apple Nether Wart = Random Effect

Apple Paper = Speed 3 (Your as light as paper)

Apple Porkchop Cooked = Saturation

Apple Raw Porkchop = Poison(Don't eat raw food...)

Apple Potato = Saturation

Apple Potato Baked = Saturation

Apple Potato Poisonous = Poison 3

 Apple Quartz = Haste

 Apple Record = Nothing Yet...  

 Apple Redstone = Nothing Yet...  

 Apple Rotten Flesh = Hunger 3

 Apple Ruby = Water Breathing

 Apple Saddle = Nothing Yet...  

 Apple Seeds = Nothing Yet...

 Apple SlimeBall = Slowness 3

 Apple Snowball = Overpowered infinite snowball cannon of doom...

 Apple SoulSand = Nothing Yet...

 Apple Glistering Melon = Healing

 Apple Spider Eye = Poison 8

 Apple Steve = Nothing yet...  

 Apple Stick = Anti-jump boost... as suggested by: Enano2001

 Apple String = Strength

 Apple Sugar = Speed 3

 Apple Sugar Cane = Speed 6(your as light as two paper)

 Apple Wheat = Heals 5 hearts

 Apple Dirt = Wither

 Apple Iron = Resistance 2

 Apple Wood = Digging Slowness 2

 Apple Stone = Resistance

 Apple Circle = Special Effect

 As you can see, this is a great mod.

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