Ant-Man is a Mod by Lucraft. It adds Pym Particles and the many users of them into Minecraft.


  1. Ant-Man(MCU)
  2. Ant-Man(MCU - Civil War)
  3. Ant-Man(Comics)
  4. Yellowjacket(MCU)
  5. Wasp(MCU - Hope Van Dye)
  6. Wasp(Comics)


  • Crazy Ant


  • Want the Mod go here:
  • This mod also gives the user the ability to shrink and grow in scale.
  • More Pym Particle Characters will appear in the Mod - ie Stature, Yellowjacket(Comics), Wasp(Comics), Goliath, ext.
  • The current version only includes Both Civil War and Ant-Man Film versions of Ant-Man and there are no Ants.
  • In 1.7.10 the mod requires the Render Player API and Lucraft Core, while the newest release requires just Lucraft Core
  • Ant-Man is discontinued and is now merged with Heroes Expansion.