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Minecraft Tutorials - Advanced Genetics - The Basics04:32

Minecraft Tutorials - Advanced Genetics - The Basics


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Minecraft Tutorials - Advanced Genetics - Man Plus


Advanced Genetics Tutorial - Monster Mash06:06

Advanced Genetics Tutorial - Monster Mash

The Advanced Genetics Mod is a mod created by ObsiLP. The mod does what it says it does, it allows for you, the user, to get the special abilities of the mobs in Minecraft via genes that you can infuse with your minecraft character. The main function of the mod is to gain the gene abilitiy but there are blocks in the game you must craft in order to infuse the genes with your own.


The blocks in this game require a lot of new items to craft and make before use.

  • Analyser: You need this block to get the "Cell" out of "Skin Scales", that are obtained by right clicking mobs with a scraper
  • Extractor: You need this block to get the 'Helix' out of the 'Cell'.
  • Decrypter: You need this block to decrypt your 'Helix'.
  • Splitter: You need this block to choose the 'Gene' you want to.
  • Breeder: This block is important and make the whole progress expensive. Every gene must be combined with itself or the basic gene which means that you need more than one 'Gene' to have the special feature of any mobs.
  • Centrifuge: You need this block to spin your blood tests.
  • Combiner: With this block you can combine a completed gene to your DNA. Put the centrifuged Syringe in the right slot and your gene into the left slot.But what to do when you want to remove a gene in your DNA.
  • Transmutator: You need the an unbreeded gene with 2 'Organic Drop' to use this block.
  • Remover: This block is required to remove mob attributes. You need an Anti-Gene to use it


The Items are used to make the blocks and get the genes.

  • Scraper
  • Basic DNA Dictionary
  • Syringe
  • Magnifier
  • Heal Crystal
  • Overclocker (Speed up the Machines)
  • Auto-output upgrade (puts items into next machine)


Here are the Genes and what abilities they give you:

  1. Chicken: No-Fall-Gen: you take no fall damage
  2. Cow: Infinite Milk: you are now milkable
  3. Ocelot: Speed: you can walk much faster, Avoid creepers : creepers won't explode when you are close enough. They will also flee like they flee from Ocelots.
  4. Sheep: Wooly: every entity is now shearable
  5. Sheep: Eat Grass: right-click on a grass block to eat the block
  6. Skeleton: Infinite: don't run out of arrows
  7. Spider: Climb
  8. Horse: Jump: lets you jump higher
  9. Squid: Water breather: lets you breath underwater
  10. Bat : Fly: you can fly!
  11. Mooshroom: Produce stew: other people can now get mushroom stew from you
  12. Enderman: Teleport: you can hit a defined key (in controls) to throw a free ender pearl
  13. Enderman: Save your inventory: keeps all your items your inventory when you die
  14. Zombie Pigman: Swim in lava: you don't get damaged by lava anymore!
  15. Blaze: Shoot fireballs: fight like a blaze
  16. Creeper: Explode yourself: you can explode by pressing a key (by default I) 8 times
  17. Ghast: Fireballexplode: if you shoot fireballs they will destroy terrain
  18. Iron Golem: More life: adds 5 more hearts
  19. Snow Golem: Throw snowballs
  20. Witch: Throw potion: throw random potions
  21. Wither: Withers hit: entity you hit gets a wither effect
  22. Wolf: if you get hit by a mob, nearby wolfs will attack the mob 
  23. Enderdragon: Ender health: if you have a heal crystal in your inventory it gets damaged instead of you and if you place the crystal you get healed by it
  24. Zombie: Resistance: Gives you resistance 2 effect


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