Admin weapons is super booooom mod. It´s add dynamits, granades, swords and guns

Dynamites and bomb Edit

  • Poisonus dynamite - if you throw. It makes poison smoke ongoing 1 minute, then erupts.
  • Fired dynamite - if you throw. It makes fire, then erupts.
  • Healing dynamite - if you throw. makes hearts and heal everyone who stand in, then erupts.
  • Nuclear dynamite - if you throw. It makes nothing for 20 seconds, then makes very, very big booooom
  • Glass bomb - if you throw. It makes glass blocks everywhere, then makes very, very big glass box.

Swords and staff Edit

  • Lightning staff - it´s a same as bow, but you don´t need any arrow, when you use it makes a lightning.
  • Water admin sword - It´s a sword with 1000 damage.
  • Air admin sword - it´s have same damage as water admin sword, but it have knocback X.
  • Fire admin sword - it´s same as water admin sword.

Guns Edit

  • Glass launcher - It´s fire pointed glass. It´s dont have big damage.
  • Admin gun - it´s looks like AK 47. It´s kill all mobs and players in minecraft.

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